How Businesses Reach Their Target Markets Locally

Advice from a Naples SEO marketing firm – Customer Finder Marketing

Though the Internet’s reach is global in nature, it makes no sense for local businesses to concentrate on global visibility when their customers live in the same city or neighborhood. They should instead concentrate on the local community. Here are a few tips:

Use Your Location in Your Keywords

The first trick is to use your location in your keywords. If you are in Florida and you sell car insurance, your key phrase should be “car insurance Florida” because this contains your line of business and your location which will drive people to your site.

Use Your Location in Meta Tags

Meta tags matter for search engines, so they should include your location together with other keywords in the meta tags of the pages of your site. The keywords you use in the body text should have your location; otherwise, it would look suspicious when your location is only present in your tags.

Get Listed in Local Directories

You need to try your luck with local directories, too. Surprisingly, a good number of people still read directory listings. The Yellow Pages are among the first places people look into when searching for a local vendor of a particular product.

Use Social Media

Social media drives more traffic to your site for local searches. Facebook, Twitter, and other social networking platforms have great sales potential because you can promote your business for free and reach the exact people who will need your products or services.

For more tips on how your business can improve it’s internet marketing presence online by SEO (search engine optimization) – visit our site at Customer Finder Marketing. We are a Marketing Firm located in Naples FL.


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