Naples Internet Marketing: How to Survive Google Algorithm Updates

With Google owning 67.6% of the search engine market share in the country, companies utilizing search engine optimization in their marketing mix would have to play by its rules in order to tap its significantly huge market base. Each Google algorithm update never fails to send internet-dependent businesses on the edge at the possibility of losing their hard-earned search engine ranking.

In 2014, Google launched its latest algorithm: Pigeon. Job, real estate, insurance and movie industries were heavily affected by its introduction, experiencing a significant decline in Google Places Results. How is this so? Well, it turns out that Google Pigeon is designed to strengthen local search by narrowing the search results radius, all for the goal of providing a more optimized user experience, according to a Search Engine Land article.


Google to Adjust Ranking for Doorway Pages

Google, keeping to its target to present users with the most useful and relevant search results, announced that they’ll be making a new “ranking adjustment”. This concerns the search engine’s doorway page classifier aiming to handle doorway pages better in the search results.

What is a doorway page, anyway? A page or site is a “doorway” if it’s created and optimized for certain keywords but are meant to funnel the user to the same destination. Google considers these pages to be bad for users. Continue reading

Responsive Web Design in Naples FL Rises as the New Standard for SEO

In a Business 2 Community article, B2B marketing and web development expert Kara Jensen described responsive web design (RWD) as “the new standard” when it comes to search engine optimization (SEO) and professional web design, instead of just a passing trend. This is because of how Google recommends RWD.

Google regularly publishes guidelines and best practices for web designers and developers. These guidelines matter when it comes to SEO because Google holds the largest percentage of online search—a whopping 67%, with the strongest contenders (Yahoo! and Bing) not even being close. So, if you are doing some internet marketing in Naples, it’s important to pay attention to what Google says.