Google to Adjust Ranking for Doorway Pages

Google, keeping to its target to present users with the most useful and relevant search results, announced that they’ll be making a new “ranking adjustment”. This concerns the search engine’s doorway page classifier aiming to handle doorway pages better in the search results.

What is a doorway page, anyway? A page or site is a “doorway” if it’s created and optimized for certain keywords but are meant to funnel the user to the same destination. Google considers these pages to be bad for users.

Google will be penalizing doorway pages and can potentially impact your website. Worse is that you may not even be aware that you have doorway pages. Google advises asking yourself these questions to have an idea:

  • Are your pages optimized to funnel visitors to a particular part of your site or essential components of user experience?
  • Are the pages optimized for general keywords yet have very specific content?
  • Do you have pages that contain clusters of useful items that are already in other parts of the site for capturing additional traffic?
  • Are the pages made with for the sole purpose of drawing affiliate traffic without providing the user with value?
  • Do you have “island” pages? Island pages are those difficult to navigate to from the rest of the site and linked to from other pages just for search engines.

This update will impact many websites. This reinforces the importance of finding a company with updated methods and tools for your SEO.


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