Top Internet Marketing Tips Local Businesses Can Take Advantage Of

If you are the owner of a small business, you probably have figured out that making use of internet marketing in Naples, FL and other local areas is an effective way of attracting web traffic and regular customers. Here are the top five online marketing strategies for local businesses that marketing consultants, like Customer Finder Marketing, will recommend.

Use Listings and Databases
In terms of general search engine optimization, links back to your site on a variety of sources will increase your rank on both local and international levels. An effective way of getting links back to your site is to ensure that your business is up to date in local listings, such as and others. You should also make sure that your accurate information is included in data aggregators, such as Infogroup and Localeze. If the information on these sites is not accurate, contact the webmaster or submit a request to have the information changed.


Getting a Higher ROI from Your Online Marketing

Return-on-Investment is a measurement often used by Internet marketing specialists to demonstrate the level of customer interaction generated from the amount of money that is spent to encourage it. High ROI, therefore, means that you’ve spent less money while engaging more customers. While not all campaigns will work evenly for every business, the returns can still be greater than if you were to run radio ads or buy into the local newspaper.
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