Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is Far from Dead

While many articles have flooded the Internet declaring the death of SEO (Search Engine Optimization), some of the strategies are still needed in order to get your content noticed. The only thing that is different is how those strategies need to be utilized.

Content is King

The days of stuffing keywords into a page in order to get noticed are gone; now Google and other search engines have ways to determine the quality of the content in order to separate it from the drudge that used to fill up the rankings. However, just having quality content is not enough, since you still need to have that content optimized in order to make it to the top of the list.

Keywords for Customers

One of the keys to optimizing your content is to make sure you are answering questions that customers have. Really target the customer, but do not make your content appear like spam. The content should be engaging and make the customer want to come back for more answers or services.


Though some will question the importance of links, many still believe that quality links are needed when creating an SEO optimized site. Links still help search engines discover content, which means that the right link will point people directly to you and not your competitor. But watch out; too many links can lead to negative consequences, so do not treat links as the top priority over content.


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