Online Marketing Strategies for Brands—Always Be One of the Good Guys!

When it comes to SEO, the difference between the good guys and the bad guys is as distinct as it once was in old Westerns. In this instance, the good guys are those who participate in white hat SEO. White hat SEO uses honest, search engine-approved SEO methods rather than producing deceiving content crammed full of irrelevant keywords and other dishonest practices.

To comply with the ethical standards set forth by search engines, marketers create quality SEO content by posting helpful content using only relevant meta tags. They also refrain from posting irrelevant links in other website’s comment sections while avoiding click baiting, keyword stuffing, and other misleading strategies.

White hat SEO is honest brand optimization and is designed to help customers find the information they want and need online. The goal is to generate interest and website visits from people who are truly looking for the products and services a particular company sells. It’s not about mindlessly driving traffic by any means necessary.

Although many marketers insist on using black hat SEO techniques, white hat methods are more effective and carry no risk. Search engines are always ferreting out black hat techniques and when they find them, websites engaged in them are often lowered in the engine’s rankings or removed from the database altogether. These sanctions last a long time and can have serious consequences for the website of involved businesses. White hat SEO, on the other hand, is approved by search engines and helps to drive organic traffic.

White hat methodology is preferred by consumers as well. Those lured to a website with false information and promises not only leave the site quickly, but develop a distaste for the brand or company that deceived them.



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