Brand Optimization Blunders Revealed: Avoid These Costly Mistakes

Branding blunders are far different than branding disasters. Remember the diet candy disaster called AYDS back in the 1980s? In truth, branding blunders are often self-inflicted and could have easily been avoided if the marketing strategy had been given more than a moment’s thought.

High vs. Low Quality

The amount of money spent on creating website doesn’t guarantee classification as high quality. There are many factors that go into creating a site that will produce results. Take the following into consideration:
Is it easy to navigate?
Are there high-quality photos and videos?
Is the content unique and engaging?
Is it updated regularly?
Is it linked to other social media outlets?
Is it free of spelling and grammatical errors?

A company’s website has a huge effect on the success of its SEO efforts. Having numerous low-quality pages on an otherwise good website will only result in a reduction in ranking.


Successful brands have defined their online identity with graphic guidelines. Unfortunately, in a world of distractions, companies need to utilize all sensory kit tools so they are remembered. Even though marketers know it’s imperative to engage all of their audience’s senses, often times they negate to include smell, touch or sound into their branding efforts. Brand optimization at its finest will define a company’s footprint in most, in not all sensory modes.

In addition, outdated information will not only devalue your reputation, but the rippling effect will be your followers losing faith in your product. Fewer followers equal loss of revenue.

Social Media Faux Pas

In the world of branding, having social media presence is vital if you want to be a success. The lack thereof can only have disastrous effects. For example, being an online authority is required if you want to be recognized. By not using social media to your full advantage, you are missing the opportunity to connect and interact with your audience.
More Guidance on Building High-Quality Sites, Google Webmaster Central Blog


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