Social Media Breakdown: Strengthening Your Brand Optimization Efforts

Many businesses have a hard time navigating the new online world of branding in social media. Here are some tips for using social media for a social media presence that works.

Know your product. If you don’t understand your product, you can’t understand who will buy it. This sounds very basic, but a lot of brands don’t really think about what the core of their product is, and that leads to miss-marketing their product or service.

Know your demographic. Any advertising you do obviously should be directed at who is buying your product. This is especially critical when you talk about your online presence. You have to really understand your demo to find the right platforms to advertise on.

Decide which platforms meet your needs best. Twitter is almost mandatory, as is Facebook. People expect to find your company there, and if you don’t have a presence on those platforms they may go with someone else who does.

Facebook is a better platform for posting information, while Twitter expects a conversation. Do a search for social media platforms and look into the demos of who uses them and how often; there are several articles that will even tell you how often to post.

Engage your market. The biggest thing to remember when using brand optimization in social media is that you must be a content creator on these platforms. No one wants to see your brand only re-tweet and like things. They want to engage with you, so say things that matter. Talk about your product and why they should use it, respond promptly, have knowledgeable and be quick to share that knowledge.

Your customers want to engage with you online, go out and find them!


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