Pro Web Design Should Focus on Creating an Excellent User Experience

When navigating your website, your visitor’s eyes should be led around by specific elements that carry more visual weight than others. For example a website’s logo is usually found directly at the top left hand side or at the top center of every page. Studies show that the top left hand of a page is usually the first place that someone’s eyes land on. From that position, good web design will lead their eyes to the next most important thing on the page. This will be up to you and your web designer to figure out but usually the navigation bar, an image, or the main text in the body of your page will take precedence.

Bold colors, items of contrasting sizes when compared to everything else on the page, and items of larger size often catch the attention of people’s eyes before anything else. Web designers will use these different elements to guide people’s attention to where it needs to be. Read more on this article:


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