Working with an Effective SEO Company: Challenges for Businesses in Naples



Whether you have a small or large business in Naples, chances are you have already heard about the huge impacts of putting your company online. Creating an internet presence is not just limited to opening a URL for your biz, but it also involves strategizing to move your company and employees forward.

Getting a Website Up

Just by starting with a basic website, your business already welcomes a lot more potential for improvement. In terms of design elements, online trends predict minimalistic layouts with more patterns containing geometric shapes and lines. Many websites today are built around content, giving more emphasis to the relevance and timeliness of the articles, and how these can impact the viewing public. What do you want to put on your site? How often can you monitor and change your content? Those are just some factors you may want to look at.

Plus, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) experts now use tools to monitor online traffic, determine consumer behavior, and the like. These stats give website designers and business owners a direction to go to in terms of staying up-to-date and maintaining effective customer engagement. Read more on this article.


Implementing Brilliant and Effective Web Design with Help from Specialists in Naples, FL



Rapidly-developing and notably progressive, the metropolitan area of Naples is an excellent place to do business. Job growth in this bustling city is higher than the state average, indicating that there are more opportunities for small and large companies to expand and become successful. The biggest industries in the city are in the fields of tourism, healthcare, and technology.

Speaking of technology, many businesses are now moving towards the future and exploring possibilities through their own company websites. Not just simple web pages are in play, but sites are now designed to be more engaging, mobile friendly, and closely intertwined with the social media accounts of each business. Naples, FL web design specialists also foresee that regardless of which industry a company belongs to, it can truly reap benefits by creating an online presence for itself. Read more from this blog.


Utilizing Local SEO to Convert Geo-Specific Searches in Naples to Sales

Local SEO When Done Right Spell Big Sales for Any Business in Naples

In the search engine that is Google, getting on the top of the page is a battle against the tech giant’s ever changing algorithm.  And in this SEO war, there are more casualties – relegated to page 10 obscurity – than survivors.

But with its 2014 Pigeon update, which provides more relevant and precise local search results, it seems like there might be a fighting chance for even small businesses to win against Google’s algorithm game through local SEO.

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Strategic Mobile Web Design: A Boon for Businesses of Different Sizes

The Growing Number of Smartphone Users mean More Sales Opportunities

If the world needs anymore proof that smartphones have already taken over our lives, the mere existence of phone accessories that range from the vaguely helpful SelfieMic to the downright weird Belfie should be confirmation enough.

Business owners should recognize the fact that people’s attachment to their smartphones have reached its critical peak, and having a site strategically designed for mobile cannot be ignored anymore.

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SEO Company Gives Advice: Did You Know Linking to Other Websites Enhances Your Company’s SEO?


It’s no secret that SEO is vital to the success of any company website these days. The keywords you place within each page of your website should do a great job of helping you rank better, but is that really enough? Doesn’t it seem as though if everyone is putting in specific keywords, then wouldn’t everyone’s website be on the first page of a Google search?

Here are some more tips to gaining better SEO.

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The Key to SEO Lies in the Keywords That You Choose for Your Site


As a citizen of the world, you’ve probably come across the term SEO a few times, particularly during the times you’ve searched for techniques to drive traffic to your site. You probably recognize that it’s an important factor when it comes to getting your website or blog in front of other people’s faces, but maybe that’s the extent of your SEO knowledge.

Here are a few SEO basics to get your knowledge on a level that will enable you to converse with an SEO professional easily.

What is SEO, Exactly?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. You know the usual search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing? Optimization of these search engines means that your own website is easy for them to pull up as part of the search results when the general public goes searching for the product or service that your business is offering.

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The Importance of a Minimalist and Mobile Responsive Web Design for Your Business


Getting people to your website is only half the battle when it comes to marketing. The real key is knowing how to keep them there. The web design you create for your business speaks volumes to potential clients looking to invest their time and money into your product.

Staying on top of the trends of professional web design is key to persuading them to make that investment. The trend that has been holding strong through 2016 is minimalist design.

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