Top SEO Mistakes That Businesses Should Avoid at All Costs

These days, the internet functions as the world’s biggest directory. And good search engine optimization (SEO) ensures that when people look for companies in your industry, your business is at the top of search results.

For those new to SEO, however, be sure to avoid these pitfalls if you want to keep your search rankings healthy.

Choosing Overly Broad Keywords

Keywords are the bread and butter of search engine optimization, which is why you need to choose the most relevant ones for your business. However, don’t go for generic keywords such as pet store—every company under that category is already optimizing for those. Rather, think of how potential customers realistically search online. For instance they might use modifiers such as location or use terms such as “organic pet food” to further refine their searches. If you can anticipate their search behavior, they’re more likely to find your business. Read more from this article:


Web Design Firm Shares Interesting Facts About Mobile Internet Usage

A decade ago, browsing the internet meant sitting down in front of your PC and opening a web browser. Then the iPhone launched, and a deluge of internet-capable mobile devices followed. These include smartphones with ever-expanding screen sizes, as well tablets that function as media consumption devices and double as a second “mini” computer.

This drastic shift to all things digital means businesses need to adjust their marketing strategy to match prevailing consumer behaviors. For many companies, the first and most important step to being digital-ready is to update their websites. These data should give you more than enough reason to finally take the leap and invest in a mobile-ready site.

80% of Internet Users Own a Smartphone

It used to be that smartphones are status symbols. Thanks to a proliferation of manufacturers, however, you can now find an internet-ready phone at all price points. As such, everyone—from your teenager to your grandma—now has access to a smartphone. In fact, as of 2015 80% of all internet users own a smartphone, and you can only expect that number to grow bigger. This also means that for a vast majority of your customers, online will be their first touchpoint with your company. Read more from this article:

Promising SEO Trends for 2017 That Can Help with Your Business Growth

If you’re a startup company looking to beef up your online presence, best be aware of the importance of proper SEO implementation. If you are in a completely different industry from digital marketing, such as food service, healthcare, product retail, and others, it’s safe to assume that you are not too familiar about what SEO implementation is all about, and what benefits you can derive from it.

Seeking Professional Help

It would be to your advantage to seek the help of professional digital marketing agencies, such as Customer Finder Marketing, so you can craft and execute a viable SEO strategy. The agency that you will work with is going to be responsible for ensuring the effectiveness of your digital marketing campaign overall, but they can only do this in close coordination with your company. Read more from this article:

Optimizing Web Design for Mobile Use: Making Your Business Portable

By now, there should be no more doubt as to the importance of mobile reach for your business. If you aim to improve your engagement with the target audience, then having a mobile responsive web design is a must.

After surpassing the number of desktop usage, there has since been no turning back for mobile devices as the foremost marketing platform. Bear in mind, though, that it’s not enough for your website to have a mobile version–more importantly, it should be responsive. The last thing you’d want is turn off visitors from your website just because it cannot function as efficiently when accessed via the smaller screens of mobile gadgets.

Visual Impact

Functionality is not just limited to ensuring that all buttons work or that images zoom and scroll smoothly. Often, the design layout plays a crucial role in ensuring a good website as well. Beyond being visually appealing, website navigation should ideally be intuitive even on mobile. This will help ensure your site attracts and retains visitors long enough to get your message across and hopefully sell your products or services too. Read more from this article:

Wondering if You Need Some SEO Assistance? These Signs Tell You When to Contact an SEO Company

Owning a website and keeping it updated remains a good business practice. However, you cannot harness its full potential if you don’t know how to perform effective search engine optimization or SEO. Since 93 percent of all online experiences begin with a search, it makes sense to make sure your business’ website ranks high across the board of various search engine results.

Unfortunately, some businesses struggle with mastering SEO on their own. They can benefit from a professional SEO company. Does this sound like you? To find out, heed the following common signs that you badly need the assistance of an SEO expert.

You Are Not Getting Much Traffic

Your business website serves as a digital extension of your physical store. Hence, you can benefit greatly by luring a lot of traffic. The more users that check out your website, the greater the chances for achieving online sales. Read more from this article:

Does Your Business Website Need an Infusion? Incorporate These Web Design Features

Today, business websites need more than just good content and images to compete. Obtaining an edge in the market means applying particular web design features in your site that help generate more traffic and promote visibility. What are these features? Consider the following.

Social Share and Follow Buttons

When you feature useful content on your website, you should be able to share it. Enter social share and follow buttons into the equation. You can situate them on top or below your content so that a user can readily click on them and share your content with everyone in their social network. Meanwhile, follow buttons allow them to stay updated with any new, useful content you post. Read more from this article: