Look for These Indicators to Determine Whether Your Web Design is Producing Results

Despite consumers’ dependency on digital access to all markets, it’s quite surprising to learn that ahuge chunk of small business owners still feel that they don’t need a company website to succeed. In fact, only 13 percent of adult Americans refuse any internet connection at all.

The reason for a business to connect is obvious, which is why over 644 million websites live in the cyberworld. Unfortunately, however, not all businesses operating a website know what to do about measuring their sites’ effectiveness after entering the digital arena. A business only scratches its head and asks: How does one design a website that garners attention among hundreds of millions of others?

Even those businesses with some basic knowledge in HTML and web design encounter difficulty achieving a top rank on the search engine results page. Furthermore, should you somehow snag a spot on the first page of results, you gain no assurance of those visitors staying on your site long enough to interact with it or, more importantly, transact. Read more from this article: http://bit.ly/2g8OXTG


An SEO Company on Some Modern SEO Trends Your Business Needs to Adapt


The SEO tactics you employed last year may not be compatible with this year’s search engine guidelines. As this industry continues to change at lightning-fast speed, there are some trends you should be aware of that are generally recommended by every SEO company today.

Optimizing Content on Intent

People used to type one or two words when searching for something online. Now, however, longer phrases are being entered because they provide effective and specific results. For this reason, you need to optimize content on intent, not specific keywords.

Creating purposeful, helpful content starts with finding out what your target audience is searching for. What questions are they asking that will bring them to your website? You can find out online by conducting simple surveys that gauge customer interest.

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Understanding Web Design Factors for Engaging Customers in Naples and Beyond



Naples, FL, with its population of about 358,000 local residents seems a very promising venue for opening and expanding a business. As healthcare, tourism, and technology are denoted as the major industry drivers in the city, it is no wonder that many small and large companies here are leaning towards creating websites to reach as many potential consumers as possible.

What Do Consumers Think?

A survey of consumer behavior in 2014 found that 80% of them still think that TV is a huge influencer in their product preferences. But from the same study, it is seen that nearly 31% of clients prefer to check out the company website, and around 28% of them depend on social media to keep them in the know about products and services that they can buy. Other studies have found that clients also like it when they receive email updates about products and promotions from their favorite and trusted brands.Read more from this blog. http://bit.ly/2lGfmcR

The Importance of a Minimalist and Mobile Responsive Web Design for Your Business


Getting people to your website is only half the battle when it comes to marketing. The real key is knowing how to keep them there. The web design you create for your business speaks volumes to potential clients looking to invest their time and money into your product.

Staying on top of the trends of professional web design is key to persuading them to make that investment. The trend that has been holding strong through 2016 is minimalist design.

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Learn about the Benefits of SEO for Naples Businesses of All Kinds

With so many businesses now using the internet to optimize their sales, it is important to keep up with the competition by updating your online marketing approach. Business owners in Naples, in particular, will enjoy significant gains with the help of local Naples SEO service providers. If you are not sure how your local business can benefit, consider some of the following advantages to keep in mind when you start browsing for the right professionals.

To begin with, one of the most immediate effects of good SEO on your business is an increase in traffic and sales. The higher your website’s position on the local search rankings, the greater your brand visibility will be. Customers will be able to find your business more quickly, which can give you a huge advantage over the competition. Once they visit your website, well-made content can speak for itself.


Top Naples internet Marketing Firm Becomes Certified Google Partner

Naples, Florida (October 13, 2014) – Customer Finder® Marketing, a leading Naples internet marketing firm, proudly announces that it is now a certified Google Partner. With this accreditation, the agency can provide better results for Google AdWords campaigns, thereby ensuring an even healthier return of investment for clients.

The Google Partner qualification is granted only to firms that employ best practices in pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns. To earn it, the agency must pass one fundamental exam and three advanced exams, namely: the Search Advertising Advance Exam, the Display Advertising Advance Exam, and Video Advertising Exam. In the case of Customer Finder® Marketing, our personnel have taken and passed all four examinations, ensuring we can provide the best lead generation in the PPC field.

Website Design Tips and Strategies For Local Business Owners

Website Design Tips and Strategies For Local Business Owners

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Web DesignBy Brian B Dawson
Every business today should have a high quality website. Even if someone refers to you from word-of-mouth, people will still go to the Internet and try to find your website. If they find you and you rank highly on the search pages, they will consider you legitimate and a professional business that they would like to do business with. However, if they can’t find you, they will have doubts about you and about the person who referred them to you.

Some of the essential things to have in a web site or webpage is to have a phone number for people to call you when they’re looking for local business.

There’s nothing more frustrating than not being able find a phone number on the website.

If you have a video on your homepage this will help your search engine rankings with Google. Google likes videos because it owns YouTube. YouTube is the number 2 rated search engine that specializes in videos. This video on your homepage should be informative and offer assistance to the viewer to find certain things on your website.

And this video length should be less than 1 minute in duration.

When someone comes to your website, they are most interested in are your homepage, your services, your about us page, and your contact us page.

If you have a unique selling proposition that is specialized to your business, you should promote this more actively as well on your site.

As a local business owner, when someone comes to your website you want to do to one of two things. You want them to call you. Or you want them to give you their name and e-mail address, or even their phone number so that you can communicate with them into the future. They may not be ready to buy your product or service that day, but if you communicate with them on a periodic basis, chances are they will be ready to buy from you at a later date.

So always have an opt in form on your website pages.

In this way people can give you their information so that you can communicate and follow-up with them later. As a fair exchange to them for doing this, you should have an offer that they consider valuable to present to them for giving you their information.

There is more that goes into building a great website; however these are some of the basics that cannot be overlooked for a local business owner.

For more information about websites and their design for local business owners, see the resource box at the bottom of this article.

Wishing you business success!

Brian Dawson

CEO of Customer Finder Marketing

Brian is a recognized social media expert and marketing strategist, as well as the CEO of Customer Finder® Marketing – a fully integrated Social Media Marketing agency based in Naples, FL. He works with local, national, and international corporations on social media and other marketing strategy.

He has been a guest speaker for organizations, events and forums related to social media and marketing, on how to effectively integrate social media into your overall marketing and business goals. Over his 34 year work career, he has worked in sales and marketing with Fortune 500 companies, he has owned and operated 2 health clinics, and has been the COO of an international finance software company. Brian is a Certified Business Coach and holds a Doctor of Chiropractic degree. Brian received his BS Degree in Economics from Purdue University.

And he is a published expert author, public speaker, business consultant on topics for business finance and marketing and he keeps busy helping business owners worldwide. And still find time for family, friends, writing, and charitable venues of interest.